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13 May 2006




Mega Congratulations!!!!

So. What kind? The PhD kind or the MD or DVM or DDS or DCM or ....???? Nosy parkers are just curious.


DVM -- hence the cowbells at the ceremony. :)

She's got a job as a shelter vet, which is the field she wanted to go into.

I called her up last night after we arrived home after the 2-hr. drive just to tell her, "My daughter's a doctor." It gave her a giggle.

For at least a year I plan to preface most of my comments with, "My daughter the doctor says ...."


Ah. Well, it could have been a PhD in kinesiology with a specialization in nordic skiing....... :-)

Absoulely Super!!! As a caretaker to numerous animals, I appreciate the DVM's in my life a lot.

Pam in MD

Wow! Congrats to Cindy AND to you. What joy!

I remember her high school work on display at the homeschool recital/exhibition in the PHV chapel basement. Gosh, I feel OLD!


WooHoo! Congrats all around!

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